11 Best WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Blog Effectively in 2021

Best Wordpress Plugins for Optimize Your Blog in 2021

It is incumbent upon you to make your blog as easy as a Google search and make an entire journey easy when someone lands on your blog.

The reason being is a user engagement and what it takes to convert visitors into customers.

Hither, we enlist some strategies (plugins) that bloggers should use to turn WordPress visitors into customers.

It is a known fact that your blog shouldn’t generate revenue while informing. It also needs to be entertaining and engaging to convert the readers into followers.

For that, you need to put an immense effort into making your blog engaging & interactive. And keep in mind that data highlighting and SEO are not alone to increase your conversion rate.

So, use dozens of WordPress plugins that nudge customers towards finally making a purchase. 

Here of the plugins are used to optimize your blog and amplify your value-adding content,

  • To talk to your visitors,
  • To increase shareability,
  • To get more clicks & leads,
  • To increase the traffic,
  • And a lot more.

Today, many free and paid WordPress plugins are available to make your CMS most dominant.

Based on the light of our experience, we list 11 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Effective Blogging Career in 2021

What are Plugins?

If you’re a newbie to WordPress or blogging, you’re probably asking what in the heck is a Plugin and why do I need to know this?

If it is you, avoid those nasty questions.

It is nothing.

Fundamentally, WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that add new functionalities, features to your WordPress site or blog.

When you’re using WordPress as your blogging platform, you will have increased benefits with the best WordPress Plugins.

For example, you can use the add contact form plugin to add a contact form to your website. Or To add social media sharing buttons, use the add social sharing button plugin.

Why do you need to know these plugins?

Thousands of plugins are available to choose from, but finding the best one is a little bit confusing. So, Before you start to go for plugins,

You need to know

  • Which plugins are great
  • Which plugins are bad
  • Which plugins are downright rubbish

Because making a poor choice with a plugin 

  • Can slow down your blog
  • Can cause a security problem
  • Can crash your entire blog.

Don’t be afraid of that. We are here to assist you.

In this article, we list 11 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Effective Blogging Career in 2021

Let’s get started!

Best WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Blog  in 2021

For the nonce, you’re probably asking what are the best WordPress plugins.

Have a glance at this article. It will be useful to start blogging using the right plugins away.

11 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Effective Blogging Career in 2021

1. Akismet

Are you getting tired of seeing spam comments on your blog?

If yes means, Akismet is the right choice for you.

Don’t worry about spam comments!


Sit back! 

Akismet is the #1 anti-spam plugin that filters out and blocks all spam comments for you. It also helps you to keep your blog clean. 

Akismet analyses all of your comments and contact form submission and prevents your site from publishing malicious content.

And then blocks which one is spam exactly.

You can review the spam comment on the admin screen of your blog.

Akismet - WordPress Plugin

Features of Akismet:


  • It Checks all of your comments and filters out the one which is spam automatically.
  • You can see which comments were caught (cleared) as spam by Akismet in the status history.
  • The URL in the comment body reveals misleading or hidden links.
  • You can see which comments were unspammed by the moderator.
  • The discard features of Akismet save your disk space and speed up your site.

2. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is the most popular all-in-one WordPress plugin for just about everything like security, marketing, performance, and designing tools.

It helps you to grow your traffic faster and safer.

Jetpack - WordPress Security,Backups,Speed & Growth

Features of Jetpack


  • 24/7 Auto site security- It provides easy to use & comprehensive WordPress site security (including auto real-time, backups and easy restores, malware scanning, and spam protection.)
  • It helps you to clone, duplicate, or migrate if you want to create a staging site.
  • Scans malware automatically.
  • Powers Akismet features.
  • You can protect your login page from attacks by Brute force attack protection.
  • It monitors your site downtime/ Uptime. So, you can get an instant alert.
  • WordPress.com provides 2FA for extra protection (optional).
  • Easy site maintenance.
  • Speed and Performance– Jetpack helps you to get blazing fast site speed.
  • Jetpack’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) optimizes your images and static files, like CSS and JavaScript, which saves you money and bandwidth.
  • It supports big with WooCommerce/eCommerce sites. Accordingly, customers can get what they want on your site easier and faster.
  • Designing tools– Customized designing tools like Themes, Related Posts, Subscriptions, Gallery and Slideshow tools, Contact forms, and embed support. 
  • Seamless integration– Since jetpack is updated monthly, it ensures seamless integration with other tech products and WordPress plugins.

3. All-in-One WP Migration (Backups)

You can create a backup of your blog in just one click with All-in-one WP Migration WordPress plugins.

No technical knowledge required-It exports your site, including the media files, database, plugins, and themes.

During the export process, there is an option to apply an unlimited number of find and replace operations available on your database.

Mobile-device compatible.

All-in-One WP Migration (Backups)

Features of All-in-one Migrations


  • No limitation on hosting or operating systems– There is no limitation on the operating system. It supports the major Linux distributions, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Provide Compatibility and functionality with most hosting providers like AwardSpace, Vlauehosted Jolt, and a lot more.
  • Bypass Upload size restriction– Bypass Web Server uploads size restrictions by keeping the chunks under 2MB.
  • Zero dependencies- It doesn’t require any dependencies on PHP extensions and works with all versions of PHP.

4. Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Since 2008, Yoast SEO is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin. It helps millions of websites worldwide in ranking higher in search engines.

WordPress provides Yoast SEO for Free for managing your SEO and premium for more functionalities.

Yoast SEO - WordPress Plugin

Features of Yoast SEO

  • It has helped millions of people to get a better, faster, and stronger website.
  • Automated technical Improvements
  • Advanced XML sitemaps
  • Better branding
  • Increase your chance of getting rich results
  • Faster loading times.
  • Yoast SEO gives you SEO analysis, Readability analysis, Google preview, full language support.
  • It keeps your site in perfect shape.

5. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is good-caching plugins that reduce the loading time of your blog. This plugin generates static Html files from your dynamic WordPress blog.

The use of static files:

  •  It serves a wide variety of users who have not logged in, Who have not viewed a password protected post, and Who has not left a comment on your blog.
  • Cached files served by this plugin in three different ways Expert, Simple, WP-Cache caching.

WP Super Cache

Features of WP Super Cache

  • Support Multiple Caching Methods for user satisfaction.
  • No cache pages for known users
  • Garbage Collection option is available to clean outdated cache files.
  • CDN & Cache rebuild support.
  • Availability of extra home page checks.

6.Ajax Search Lite

An excellent user interface helps the readers search for particular content. Ajax Search Lite is the best WordPress Plugin. It assists readers better than the default search bar in searching for a specific topic.

It also provides post type & category on the search bar and ensures smooth animations throughout your blog.

Ajax Search Lite - WP Plugin

Features of Ajax Search Lite

  • Provide custom field type and post types
  • Automation search replacement options are available.
  • Provide a friendly-widget and shortcode.
  • Frontend search setting boxes.
  • Images are shown in the search result too.
  • Provide fine-tune user experience.
  • Highly compatible and responsive.
  • Eight built-in templates + options for color adjustments.
  • Search in the description, excerpt, title, categories, tags, and custom fields.

7. Google Analytics Integration for WP

It is one of the best website analysis tools. Use it to see your effort once you’ve optimized your content for search engines.

Google Analytics Integration for WP allows you to monitor your traffic and monitor your visitors what they are doing on your blog.

Google Analytics Integration for WP

Features of Google Analytics Integration for WP

  • Quick & Easy Google analytics setup is there.
  • Make analytics easy and accessible to everyone.
  • It Enhances eCommerce tracking on your store with just one click.
  • Google Analytics + GDPR compliance is available.
  • It provides Google AdSense tracking and affiliate link tracking.
  • It also provides custom dimension tracking, custom Google analytics event tracking, and more.

8. Social Warfare (Social Sharing Buttons)

Social Warfare is the plugin that makes your blog posts easily shareable.

It is the best you can get to add beautiful and easy-to-sharing buttons to your blog posts and pages.

You can start with a free version or invest a few bucks if you’re about growing your blog through social media.

Social Warfare (Social Sharing Buttons)

Features of Social Warfare (Social Sharing Buttons)

  • It allows you to do a popular posts widget based on social share counts.
  • It increases the average number of tweets per article dramatically.
  • Use shortcodes to place social share buttons anywhere.
  • It provides content protection.
  • Pro sharing options, custom design, and placements are available.

9. a3 Lazy Load (Page Speed)

It is another WordPress plugin that improves your blog’s page speed.

Did your blog posts take too long to load?

If yes means, you can go with a3 Lazy loads.

It allows images on your blog to load only if your readers scroll over them.

a3 Lazy Load (Page Speed)

Features of a3 lazyload

  • It leads to higher op-in rates and conversion rates.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress embed posts.
  • Faster page speed.


10.Pop-up Maker

One of the first things that the readers notice in your blog is the header section or specific pop-ups.

Pop-up Maker is the best pop-up WordPress plugin that can help the readers get hooked on your blog.

With Popup Maker, you can create any type of popup, and let you display it anywhere in your blog.

Popups that you can create with Popup Maker are:

  • Content Upgrade popups,
  • Email opt-in popups,
  • E-commerce popups,
  • Lead gen popups,
  • Contact form popups, and a lot more.

Popup Maker – Popup Forms, Opt-ins & More

Features of PopupMaker

  • A fully responsive design is suitable for any mobile device.
  • Compatible with major WordPress plugins.
  • Auto open triggers to set a timed delay.
  • Opt-in form popups, banner bars, slide-out pop-ups, and a lot more are available.
  • Versatile & flexible.

11. Pretty Links

If you want to make money on blogging, you can go with Pretty Links. It makes affiliate links more readable and pretty.

Pretty Links helps you to create more readable links to use on your blog.

And you can directly change the root link using Pretty Links in just a few clicks instead of going through every link and each post manually.

Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin

Features of pretty link

Provides the ability to create clean and simple URLs on your blog.

It Tracks the Number of Clicks and Unique Clicks per link.

You can download hit details in CSV format.

Final Thoughts

We hope!!

You found some helpful tips to get the best results for your blog.

Turn over in one’s mind that not all plugins add value to your blog. That said, the above plugins should help you to get started.

If you enjoy our post, please leave your comment and share it with others so that they can read it, too!


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