Free Blogging Platforms for Bloggers in 2020

Free Blogging Platforms for bloggers in 2020

To everyone who is looking to build their very own blogging platform, this article is a must-read. Are you having second thoughts considering the cost that incurs behind creating a beautiful site? What if I tell you that you can get it done for free? Yes, you heard it right, you don’t have to pay a single penny to a front end developer to get your website done. You might not be someone with an IT background, but if you are creative, then let me tell you, you can get your blogging site done yourself.

Want to know how? Keep reading!! We’ve put forth a list of free blogging platforms where you can not only set up your free site but also design it yourself. There is a very huge possibility that most of you might turn from bloggers to website developers after reading this article.


Most of us might be aware of what WordPress is. One of the very first platforms which were built only to create blogging sites. It was only after their tremendous success that they decided to upgrade their platform to create any sort of site, be it an e-commerce one or a simple landing page, you could create almost anything using WordPress. 

Wordpress - Best Blogging Platforms in 2020


Source: WordPress

Most of the sites on the internet are made using WordPress. Over time this has become the most reliable and most comfortable system to create a customized website.


Even if you are not someone from an IT background, you can create your very own site using the beautiful templates that WordPress provides. You can work online, or you can even download WordPress for free. Its ultimately a user interface, and it is quite easy to operate. You just have to drag and drop the plugins. If you’ve already purchased a domain. You can connect it to your WordPress site. Once done, you can edit your site if there are any changes to be made. This can be done even after your site goes live



Just like WordPress, Blogger is a platform where you could put-up your blogs for free. It comes with a subdomain Using Blogger, you can create your very own customized blogging site where you can post multiple blogs. If you already have a domain, you can connect it to your blogger site. 

Blogger - Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers in 2020


Source: Blogger


Blogger too comes with user-friendly templates. It is quite simple to operate, and you don’t have to do much for signing up. Since Google owns it, you can get yourself registered using your google account. The main disadvantage of Blogger is that you cant expect that many features. Yes, it is free, but when compared with other free website creation sites, Blogger lacks in terms of customization and features.


There is this option in Blogger that enables you to see the activity on your site. The kind of traffic your blogs are generating, your Adsense activity, all this can be analyzed.



You might have used Tumblr before for posting pictures, selfies. So why on earth is Tumblr on the list? Shocked? Yes, Tumblr is a blogging platform not as huge as Blogger, but it surely does it in a smaller way. It’s totally free, but the thing is you can’t expect a significant impact unless your blogs are attractive and grab the reader’s eye. Your blog can reach a bigger audience only when someone reposts it.  

Tumblr - Best Blogging Platform for Beginners in 2020


Source: Tumblr


Tumblr is free, and you can definitely use it for blogging if you are sure enough that your blogs are attractive enough to catch the eye of the users. Tumblr is more like a broadcast medium where you can put up short blogs.


If you are someone who loves writing lengthy blogs, this platform is definitely not for you. Tumblr also has certain templates that make your blogs look cooler, but there are very minimal features for blogging when compared to other blogging sites.



Weebly is similar to WordPress; you can create all sorts of websites using this platform. Any sort of website, be it an e-commerce one or a simple landing page, you could create almost anything using Weebly. It is so user friendly that you don’t actually have to be a developer at all. Templates are available that help you to build the site. You can integrate it easily into any application.

Weebly - Build your Blog for free


Source: Weebly


Sometimes there are certain glitches with the platform other than that it surely is a great system to build your very own site. Backing up of the site is an issue with Weebly. Not as flexible as WordPress, but Weebly sure is reliable. 



Wix has the most amazing templates. It is user friendly, and all you have to do while using WIX is to be creative. Wix provides you with hosting. If you have your own hosting, you could connect it to your Wix site. Creating a blogging site using WIX is damn easy, and it is less time consuming as well. You could post multiple blogs, check analytics, and is even mobile-friendly.

Wix - Amazing Platform to Create an Blog



WIX has made life easier for us bloggers. Without concentrating on coding and stuff, we could actually select an amazing predefined template provided by WIX and customize it according to our preferences. The only problem with Wix sites is it sometimes lags a bit too much. Though it is mobile-friendly, the content takes a longer time than usual to upload.


As a blogger, have you ever felt that if there were a platform that only had us, bloggers, from freelancers to authors, everyone connected through one single platform, Medium is literally that platform for you. You can post content, connect with people, and actually share ideas on literature and stuff. Apart from this, you earn a reasonable sum through Medium. 

Medium - Ultimate Blogging Platform in 2020

Source: Medium


Medium has a limited number of features. You actually don’t have the freedom to express yourself as a blogger. There are several restrictions, be it with word count or with not able to promote yourselves using the platform.


If you are someone who loves writing short stuff, then Medium is the perfect platform for you, and If you are a beginner, then there is no better place to start than Medium.



Similar to Blogger Ghost is also a platform where you could actually build your own blogging site. This does not support any other site rather than blogging. Ghost is user friendly and is not really complex. Customization of the site cannot be done using Ghost. It does not have that many features as other site-building platforms. 

Ghost cannot be operated unless you are familiar with coding. The themes available are quite simple, and there are not many themes available. But if you are looking to create a simple site, Ghost surely is a good option. The best part is the sites from Ghost comes with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certification.

Ghost - Best Blogging Platform in 2020

Source: GHOST



JIMDO, just like WordPress, Wix, is used among the vast majority of people for creating their websites on the internet. The templates from JIMDO are unique and cool. Jimdo can also be operated using a mobile application. You can create even an e-commerce site with JIMDO. The only disadvantage is you cannot import photos or videos.

Jimdo - Best Blogging Platform in 2020

Source: JIMDO


Without concentrating on coding and stuff, we could actually select an amazing predefined template provided by JIMDO and customize it according to our preferences. It doesn’t support a payment gateway. You can integrate it easily into a mobile application. If you’re a beginner who is starting up, JIMDO is one platform where you could actually build your very own site.



Blogging is an art, and not everyone can write a beautiful blog. Choosing the right platform to express your views is important. Most beginners tend to back out once their blog fails to do the job. Once you start analyzing, you would get to know that, one of the important for it not creating an impact might be due to choosing the right platform.


In this article, we have put forth a few blogging sites that are actually free and would help you create a better impact in 2020. So what are you waiting for? Create that blogging site and start posting those beautiful blogs consistently.


After giving this article a read, most of you might agree that blog site development is not actually that hard.

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