Top 10 Best Blogging tools That Every Blogger Should Know to Use

best blogging tools for your blog post

What is blogging tools? How to use these tools in a blog post?

This question arises for all of you. It is nothing but to give attention to your blog by using these tools, because this makes your blog strong which allows removing grammatical errors, make a compelling headline, to improve your writing skills, build keyword research, etc.

There are many tools presently used in blogging. Now, we give some of the tools that make your blog go and reach quickly.

Here are the blogging tools which will help you to make a good blog.

List of the tools to use in blogging:

  1. Grammarly
  2. Google documents
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. Buzzsumo
  5. Keyword planner
  6. Copyscape 
  7. SEMrush
  8. Wordstream
  9. Buffer
  10. Quora


Grammarly - Best Tool to Check Grammatical Erros

Without Grammarly, you couldn’t complete your blog post correctly. Cause many of the features to include this Grammarly app. Spellchecker, plagiarism, enhancement, word formatting, the grammatical misconception is improving your content.

It is the one that will check out the simple basic errors you have made in your blog post and also helps to remove the unnecessary or unwanted words in your content.

Would you reap Grammarly in your blogging?

Here, this way to reach the Grammarly app. Go to Google play store app or chrome or Firefox anywhere. Then, install the Grammarly app and get it on your desk. The most accurate grammar checker is now free. And you can also use this for the paid version.     


  1. Highly accurate 
  2. Easy to use
  3. Customization

2.Google docs

Google Docs - Best Free Tools for Writing Content for Your Blog Post

Every blogger should use the google documents tool that helps you to edit your content in your style. A study says that most people use google apps for their blogging. 

Slides, font designs help you to improve your content. It is one of the benefits of word processing tools in the blog. These documents are saved in Google Drive. The process helps to switch your documents from anywhere. This tool helps to write in an easy and faster way.


  1. Easy to learn and use
  2. Accessibility 

3.Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - Best SEO Tool for Your Blog

This tool is a famous wordpress plugin in blogging. Let it easily add your descriptions and meta descriptions to all blog posts. It allows you to WordPress SEO( Search Engine Optimisation).

How do I use this tool?

  • Search Yoast SEO in the search bar or URL
  • Click to install 
  • Then activate it.

Yoast SEO is a premium version that recognises these related synonyms, key phrases, and also opposite words in your text. 


  1. Powerful tool
  2. User friendly


Buzzsumo - Best Tools

Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that allows users to find out what content is popular by topic or any website.

It has used for both the free version and also a paid version. You can use this app regularly when you are a blogger. Cause this buzz sumo tool to merge the search of full criteria of your content and analyze your content.


  1. Effective better content
  2. Social media analytics

5.Keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner - Free Tool to Planning Your Keywords

Once you know your keyword research based on your topic well-versed means, you will get success in your blog post. Yes! According to the rules, ‘40% of keywords search in only long-tail words’. So you focus on the long-tail words for your best content.

How do I use this keyword planner?

  1. Obtain  Google keyword planner
  2. Find your tool
  3. Filter the result section
  4. Analyze your ideas 
  5. Finally, choose the keyword that you want.

What are the uses in this?

  • The keyword planner tool is useful for building a strong keyword and finding new keywords using phrases, websites, words, and categories
  • To create an Ads campaign easily.

6.Copy scape

Best Plagiarism Checker Tool

Copy scape is an online application to use plagiarism checker if it is the same content or not in a particular blog. This tool was launched in 2004 by ISTL(Indigo Stream Technologies Limited). 

Copy scape has the API power for its searches, and it has been an altered form of its original version.

Copy scape is an online service system, and that permits you to find out whether your blog post is copied, or not. 


  1. Easy to use
  2. Free feature tool.


SEMRush - Best SEO Tool for Your Blog

SEMrush is an online strategy tool that enables visibility of the content and discovering marketing insights.

It consists of the solutions SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitor research, social media marketing, and campaign management.

Overall SEMrush furnishes about full cleared data of what you need in your SEO project.  And, it is a free one and also has a paid version.


  1. Very creative,
  2. Easy to use.


  1. Keyword analytics,
  2. Audit insights.


Wordstream - Best SEO Tool for Optimize Your Blog

Wordstream tool is the PPC management software. The Word stream tool is easy to handle the management system.

Furthermore, it refers to the next level of management to create the tool, optimize, and measure high paid advertising marketing campaigns to this tool.

Wordstream handles the big pay-per-click channels, Google Adwords campaigns, and Facebook advertising.

And it is a time-saving tool compared to the other blogging tools, while you handle PPC on several channels. Wordstream platform helps both beginners as well as experienced people who are in a position.


  1. User friendly
  2. Software supportive


Buffer - Best Social Media Management Automation Tool To Schedule Your Every Blog Post

Buffer tool is a software program application for websites, mobiles, and any network. Once you complete your blog post and publish it on the websites, you can easily set a sharing schedule with this tool. 

Buffer is a social media platform for small to medium-size businesses to engage the clients. The buffer blogging tool is a multi-purpose social media platform.

Benefits of the buffer:

  • Analytics
  • Cross-posting
  • Precision marketing 
  • Management flexibility.

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Quora - Best Micro Blogging Tool Which Helps You to Feed your blog content for free

Quora is a well-being tool for bloggers who want to save their time. It has cleared data about anything in this tool, so, you wish to build an online business and a deeper connection with people. And you connect the network or the websites with fellow marketers, high-profile leaders, business leaders, and students with a passion.

It is a free version, and it consists of traffic in your blogging. Quora also has long-tail keyword research that you cannot find on the AdWords Google, a keyword planner.

Quora is a blogging tool that helps to ask questions, get useful answers, find wandering ideas, a bit of advice, perspectives, and share what you want to connect with this world.


  • Strategy marketing
  • Grown-up your leads.


These are the tools that are what we wanted to share with you. Hope you all bring these tools and apply your blog. The reality is we can not grow our posts without using blogging tools. Because these tools make your blog very strong, increasing readability score, and much more. So use the right tools in your blogging to engage them. 

Success! Now you got the tools and set in action to build your post is beautiful.

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