How to Choose Best Cheap & Top Notch Domain Name Registrars for Your Blog?

Top Notch Domain Name Service Providers

Are you looking for the Best and Cheap domain registrars to purchase your website’s domain name?

Worse Luck! In the marketplace, there are many domain name registrars available.

Accordingly, Most Beginners are in a dilemma where to buy a domain name.

If you are wondering about that, we’ve something for you.

You can Summarize your utter idea into a word with the right domain name. And the key to building a successful blog from scratch is the Domain name that makes your blog/ site unique. 

For that reason, you need to be creative when coming up with domain names.

You may consider doing the method “pay as you go” from domain registrars to make your site rocking. Along with there are no refund policies from most of the following domain name registrars.

Here, in this article, we’ve covered the 10 Best, Cheap & Top-Notch Domain Name Service Providers for your blog/ site.


And tell you, What are factors to be considered while choosing a Domain Name Registrar.

Consider the following factor while choosing a domain name registrar

  1.     Pricing
  2.     Registration Period
  3.     Expiration Grace Period
  4.     Domain Transfer and Fees
  5.     Capitalizing on an expired domain
  6.     Add-on services
  7.     User experiences
  8.     Hidden fees
  9.     Live chat support

Let’s find out a few domain registrars in detail.

What is a Domain name registrar?

Domain name registrar defines a service that you can use to register your online business name. 

In the world, there are many domain name providers available. But when it comes to cheap & best domain name registrars, this article will surely help you.

Here, we enlist only ICANN accredited domain names only. ((The ICANN- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers- accredited (officially granted the permission to register domain names)).

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Top 10 Best Cheap Domain Name Registrars for your Blog 

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost is the most popular domain name provider that offers cheap & best domain names for beginners to get started. 

Since WordPress Core officially recommends the Bluehost, Both beginner & enterprise users prepare it.

Bluehost - Best Domain Registrar

So, it is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a complete package to start over.

You may think that the cheapest isn’t always the best. But, Bluehost is not like that. It is one of the most reputable hosting companies that offer low-cost or even free domain for the first year when you host your website with them.



Visit to know more.

Features of Bluehost

  • Annual fees will be Free if you purchase the entry-level hosting package ($6.95 per month).
  • Offer Hosting Services: Yes
  • Discounts on multi-year or multiple domains: n/a
  • You can easily upgrade when you get more visitors.
  • Easy scaling options.
  • Friendly support.

2. is a fantastic domain name registrar, providing a diversity of services. But, mainly focus on selling domains for affordable pricing with some tools for beginner and advanced users.

You can get a free domain name to start your website if

you buy their hosting plan too.


Visit to know more.

If you’re on the fence thinking of which company gets a cheap & best domain name, you can go with Because they will always give you more value for your money. 

Features of

  • Simple domain transfer facility.
  • Web designing services,
  • Email services
  • Offer good discounts to new domain name registrants.

3. HostGator

HostGator is a reliable domain name registrar providing complete bundles/packages to buy a domain name & hosting together.

It is the right choice for both beginners & advanced users because it is trusted by over 10 million users and listed among top domain name providers worldwide.

Hostgator Website

They don’t offer free domains & their domain prices are high. But even though their budget-friendly options make beginners great all in one stop.

Thus, it is the best choice if you want one-stop shopping.

Renews at$17.99/yr$ 15.00/yr$17.99/yr$15.00/yr$17.19/yr


Visit to know more.

Features of HostGator

  • No deal available on domains
  • Offer Hosting Services: Yes
  • Discounts on multi-year or multiple domains are not applicable.

4. GoDaddy

There is no doubt you’ve already heard about GoDaddy before. 

GoDaddy is the most popular in the world, offering low-cost domain names with several tools. 

Godaddy - Choose the Cheap Domain Names for your blog

You can purchase a domain name for a low price (0.99/year). But it has high renewal charges when compared to others.

And free domain names available only when you buy their hosting bundles.

1st year PurchaseRs.209.00Rs.99.00Rs199.00*
2nd Year Billed atRs.2,239.00Rs.599.00Rs.1,049.00*


Visit to know more.


  • Offers hosting service: Yes
  • Deals available: Always
  • Discounts (multi-year or multiple domains): Register 6 domains or more and pay just $9.99 per domain and receive free private registration.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Quality services & reliability

5. Namecheap

Namecheap is one the best domain name registrars offering reasonable pricing for domain name registration & renewal.

Most people don’t want to share their contact information.

Namecheap - Get Your Own Domain Name at Cheaper!


Hence, it provides WhoisGuard Privacy protection for free if you register a .com domain.

If you’re looking only to purchase domain names and going to another place for website hosting, NameCheap is the best choice. (You can choose this practice only if you feel more comfortable with it.)





Rs 515.18/yr Rs.219.95/yr


Visit to know more.

Features of Namecheap

  • Offers hosting service: Yes
  • Live chat support
  • Video tutorial for users to help with purchasing & managing the domain.
  • Fast & secure payments (Payment via credit card, funds, or PayPal is available.)
  • Auto-renewal option
  • Offer Discounts on new domain registrations.
  • Offer free domain email forwarding.
  • Make a variety of website apps.
  • Deals available- Receive free private registration for the first year, with new registrations.
  • Discounts (multi-year or multiple domains): n/a

 6. BigRock

BigRock is an ICANN accredited domain registration company providing the complete suite of services to their clients.

Along with domain registration, it also provides web-hosting services, business-class email services (including anti-spam & anti-virus features), digital certificates, and e-commerce solutions.

Their reliable & best domain registration services made them reach customers around the world.

Bigrock Domain Registrars

First Time purchaseRs. 799.00/yearRs. 949.00/yrRs. 419.00/yrRs. 99/yrRs. 299/yrRs. 199/yrRs. 879.00/yrRs. 109/yrRs. 399/yr
Renewal or TransferRs. 849.00/yrRs. 899.00/yrRs. 599.00/yrRs. 2439.00/yrRs. 1822.00/yrRs. 1999.00/yrRs. 849.00/yrRs. 3419.00/yrRs. 1199.00/yr


Visit to know more.

Features of BigRock

  • Offer Web hosting services: yes.
  • World-class customer services
  • User-friendly registration process


1 & 1 is a renowned domain registrar on the internet that handles over 19 million domains for their customers.

Domain registration fees from are (one of the cheapest) for the first year being from $1 to $2/year. 

You will get a free 5-page website together with a private registration & free email account with up to 2GB storage when you register your domain with

1st-year registration$1/yr$1/yr$1/yr$1/yr$1/yr$0.80/yr$0.80/yr


Visit to know more.

8. is the trustable & experienced domain name registrar providing quality services to millions of customers worldwide. Still, they never get complaints from their client.

They never provide pricing information on domain names upfront & require most prospective customer registration.


  • Annual Fee: information not publicly available
  • Private registration: Not noted

Features of

  • High customer support

  • Offers hosting service: Yes
  • Deals available: Often
  • Discounts (multi-year or multiple domains): n/a

Hover is one of the new domain registration companies that help you take care of your domain name.

They are a simple company that bills themselves as to where the internet’s best ideas get named.

It sells domains and associated email accounts really well.

It is the best but not the cheapest out there. But, it guarantees a quality service once you register with

Registration pricing$15.99/yr$25.99/yr$14.99/yr$17.99/yr


Features of

  • Offer support through different means, including tweets, chats, and emails.
  • Hassle-free.
  • Simplicity.
  • Accept myriad of payment methods.

10. OVH (

OVH is the number one domain name registration company in Europe.

If you’re European, you may go with OVH.


Since it is based in the UK, pricing will be in pounds.
Pricing5.99 pounds1.79 pounds7.79 pounds3.79 pounds

Features of OVH

  • Offer web hosting: yes.
  • Ease of use
  • Disadvantages
  • Inconvenient for multinational customers.
  • Response time is slow (it may take 24 hours to get in touch).

Wrapping it up

If you ask us which is the best one among the above-listed registrar, we recommend  

They’re an easy choice that provides excellent customer service & the best prices.

And you can go with Bluehost if you want to manage both domain & hosting.


We hope! This article helped you to choose the domain name registrar, cheap & best.

If this article helped you, drop us a comment.

And share your experience here if you used any of these best domain registrars.


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