Top 10 Best Websites for Free Stock Images for Your Blog Post

Top 10 Best Free Stock Images Websites for Your Blog Post

One Image is Speaks of Thousand Words!! Attract more readers; increase your subscribers; generate more leads; make your blog more successful overall with royalty-free stock images.

We had tired of these questions, how to download royalty-free stock images? What are the best sites to find them? 

Thankfully, there’s been plenty of websites with beautiful stock photography popping up all over the internet. Best of all, they are even free!

Phew! That’s why we decided to curate a list of the fascinating sources to download royalty-free stock images for your blog post.

Using those sites, you can make your blog shine from others.

In this article, you have:

How the royalty free-license works?

Let’s dive in!

The essential things while choosing an image for your blog

There are three things bloggers are essentially looking for: 1. Royalty-Free, 2. Creative Commons 3. Public Domain. However, all of these have their own conditions & restrictions.

  • Royalty-Free

It is what bloggers find on most stock photo websites. Some of them offer royalty-free images for free, and some require a fee. However, you need to mindful of things that should not be part of your branding & cannot sell it.

  • Creative Commons 

It is actually a non-profit organization with some licenses (Attribution, Non-commercial, etc.). You can pick one or more out of that. They enable you (Bloggers & photographers) to put their material out there and have it used without people making money off of it.

  • Public Domain

There is no copyright because it is not eligible for copyright in the first place or expired. Generally, it is for government use. But, still, it requires attribution. 

How the royalty free-license works?

Before going to those 10-websites, let’s dive into how the royalty free-license (Creative Commons Zero-CC0) works.

CC0 license means downloading images with no-hassle of copyrights and usability issues. It allows you to use, copy, modify, and distribute the photos for free. There is no need to asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or that particular website. You can use those images for personal, commercial, or legal purposes. However, you don’t have the right to sell these photos.

Best 10 Sites to Find Free Images for Your Blog


Unsplash is a well-known site for high quality, royalty-free, CC-0 Licensed, and public domain photos. They provide over 2 million free high-resolution images by the world’s most generous photographers. We have been using this resource for our blog that offers many over ready categories for refining your search for stock photos.

Some of them are Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Spirituality, Athletics, Animals, Business & Work, Textures & Patterns, Travel, Technology, a lot more.

Unsplash - Free Stock Image Website

It also delivers 10-new photos to your inbox every 10-days when you subscribe to their mailing list.

Additionally, Unsplash allows people to submit their photos on their website. 

Moreover, it offers a Google Chrome extension, which shows a random image in the background when you open a new tap. Then, you can download that photo.


Most of the bloggers use the Pixabay site for getting hassle-free quality photos. It provides more than 20 ready categories & a gallery of over 390,000 high-quality free stock images, vectors, and art illustrations. And you may download photos by just putting your keyword in the search box.

Pixabay - Best Website for Free Stock Imagess

After trying Gratisogrphy, we bookmark pixabay as it offers a beautifully wide range of stock images from people all looking for more colors & emotions. Most importantly, these images are free to use even for commercial use & no more attribution.

Besides, the website offers a more collection of royalty-free CC-0 licensed images sorted into categories and tags. And their advanced search feature allows you to narrow down your search by prominent color in images.


Do you want free images with no copyright restrictions? If yes, Pexels provides completely free, high-quality stock, and Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensed(Released by the non-profit organization Creative Commons (CC)) photos.  This website provides you loads of free stock photos that you can use anywhere, even for commercial use. There is no attribution required.

Finding the perfect image is simple on Pexels, where you can search by keyword or browse through specific photo collections.  Or you can browse through photograph color to have a particular color scheme on your blog.

Most importantly, all photos are searchable and nicely tagged.

Moreover, they add 1500 new HQ photos every month. And right now, they boast about having more than 10k+ photographs.


Since 2013, they have received over 1.5 million downloads. It is one of the best sites that help web designers & bloggers find photographs for their posts and articles.  In other words, it is a treasure of aesthetically appealing stock photos (mostly 3500+ pixels every day). 

Web design, sliders, apps, backgrounds, or templates are available, and everyone can merely download and use them.


Most importantly, the site provides a quick search option by providing 15 categories and many tags. And if you want more, you can type in your keyword in the search box to get the related images.

Consequently, they also offer one interesting ‘Test Drive’ feature that means some images can be showcased in 7 different variations, guiding users to use them.

Stocksnap is a repository of beautiful and free-to-use stock photography that curates the best stock images.

And also select photos from several daily submissions. - A Free Stock Image Websites


Above all, the site has a handy search feature. Using that feature, you can easily browse the thousands of images in categories and tags. Moreover, it categorizes the photos based on date, trending, number of views, number of downloads, and favorites.

So, you can download high-quality pictures for free & licensed under the CCO license.

6. Flickr

Flickr is one of my favorite websites. Whenever I am hurrying to download any image for my blog, I go for Flickr.

It has a big database of royalty-free stock images to download. Most importantly. And it provides you a lot of relevant of different sizes when you visit the creative-common category or search for the photographs.

Do you want to make your regular blog post more attractive and exciting?

If yes, all you have to do is search for the one under the creative commons license.

7. Skitterphoto

Skitterphoto is one of the best websites to download high-resolution royalty-free photographs. Since it has its own photographers, you will find unique and less used images. Most importantly, all the photos on their website are CC0-licensed public domain.

Similarly, it has curated a beautiful collection of thousands of public domain images for bloggers.

8. SplitShire

Splitshire has an Italian photographer and graphic designer who provide a collection of stunning personal shots. You can download a beautiful collection ranging from landscapes to candid-shots of people for your blog. All of those pictures are in high resolution. 

Most people using this website. Because it also has a small collection of free HD quality videos. Further, there are 17 readymade categories available for browsing photos. Among all, a section of the website features the best works designed. 

Most importantly, the website has more than 20,000 daily page views because of its resources and additional exposure.

9. Pickup Image

A resource of a ton of royalty-free images, photographs, and clipart for free of charge is Pickup Image. Since all the photos are CC0-licenced, you can use, copy, modify, and add these free images to your blog. Without asking for permission, you can even use them for commercial purposes.

As it has ease of search features, you juz type in relevant keywords to find the images you want. Moreover, Pickup Image will list high-quality photographs that match your search.  Their site for easier access with the tags and categories.

10. Wikimedia Commons 

Wikimedia Commons is the best site that offers a free large-library of images, audio, and video files. To clarify that the site has a collection of 59,658,846 freely useable media files. And you can browse the library by media type (such as images, photographs, drawings, illustrations) or by file type (like audio, video, photos) or by license. 

Most importantly, all the image collections are in the public domain, which means you can use them free without attribution. But, some of them may have a creative commons license requiring attribution. So, make sure about license information below each image.

Bonus: Shutterstock

Sadly the ShutterStock is not free to use. But it is definitely worth a mention on this list because it has the highest-quality stock photos, illustrations, vectors, music, video footage, and more. 

But are you worried about the cost? If yes, don’t! Because luckily, it offers a 1-month free trial. Meanwhile, you can test out the site whether you like it or not. 

To sum up 

You can see many fantastic sites for stock images over the internet. But, when it comes to best, question mark? 

Hence, we had curated the sites that have become a blessing for bloggers, designers, and marketers. Don’t rely on cheesy stock images anymore!

That’s it! Those are our picked the best sites to download royalty-free images for your blog.

However, wait, your job isn’t over.

Once you find the sites to download free blog images, it is salient that you edit, size, and optimize your blog images for your blog.

Have a beautiful looking blog and all of the new and happy readers that are sure to come!!!

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