The Top 10 Profitable Blogging Niches for your New Blog in 2021

The Top 10 Profitable Niches for your blog in 2021

Hello Everyone, Today, I gotta go share some tips on how to choose a profitable niche for your blog? We all know about blogging and how to start a blog in 2021?

But, it’s not just like that. We can start writing and publishing some blog posts on our blog. Before starting a blog, we need to identify our interests and passions.

Choosing a profitable niche will be the hardest part when you are planning to start a blog. Because millions of topic ideas will bounce from your brain.

You might be struggling to choose one niche based on your interest and passion. On whatever blogging niche you choose, stick with it, and contribute consistently.

Contribute means regularly publishing articles on our blog to keep your blog updated more frequently and let new visitors come to read your published article.

Now, we will start discussing the tips and suggestions on how to choose the right blogging niche for your first blog.

Why does it become necessary to select a Blogging Niche?

The blog is a website that gets updated frequently by a single person or a team of people – We all know this.! But, what you share will have a demand in the market.

We have no guarantee that your readers will be interested in reading all your publications. Also, you cannot write all the topics that you love.

Maybe sometimes, other people don’t like the content that you publish on your blog. Hence, therefore, it becomes necessary to choose the right blogging niche in 2021.

Choose a profitable niche that is having a demand and is currently trending in the market. Also, the topic should be evergreen for a long time (space to expand).

Choosing a Profitable Niches for Your Blogging

It is not a difficult task while Choosing the right niche for your blog. But it’s not easy like walking on the road. This process needs some validation and analytical thinking.

Ok, where do you want to start to choose the blogging niche?

Most people today are using the Internet. So the Internet will be your working tool in your niche selection.

Do not worry much about selecting the blogging topic. For the time being, just prepare a big list of all topics that you are interested in writing about.

Before starting writing the topics in a paper, think about your daily activities that you are doing regularly for brainstorming blogging topics.

Write all topics that pop your mind, think about the online blogs, magazines you come through. Pay a visit to popular sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, etc.

Hopefully, now you will come with a great list of different blogging topics. Next, validate those ideas to consolidate the list of topics.

Answer the below three questions to finalize your profitable niche for your blogging.

  1. How much are you passionate about the topic?
  2. What is the current trend and demand on the topic?
  3. Does the topic have the potential to make money?

Create another list of topics that answer the above questions.

Caution: Do not choose a topic that you have less interest in but only for making money. Because you might end up struggling to keep writing new blog posts. 

How do you Find Your Niche Ideas are Profitable?

Possibly, you should have a handful of niche ideas based on your interest, and passion. Now with some little analytical thinking, we will figure out the profitable niche.

1. Go a Google Search:

A simple google search by using the niche idea and the related keyword can give you an idea.

This is the basic starting step in which you have to find out the average monthly search volume. Anything over than 0.1million searches is considered a profitable niche for your blogging.

2. Google Trends:

Google offers another great tool called Google Trends. Use the same keyword and niche ideas to search for evergreen topics. Note: Choosing a trending topic will keep you in the top position for a short period. So choose evergreen topics for your blogging. You will get a graph where you can make your decision.

3. Search for Other Profitable Blogs:

If the niche is having a trend, there should be many authority sites and blogs on a similar niche. It’s a good sign that tells how to choose a profitable niche for your blogging. Again another simple Google Search using the same keyword will list popular blogs. Spend some time to analyze their few blog posts to gather some tips.

4. Hunt Through Social Media:

Social media has entirely changed the way of searching for information on the Internet. Connect to top bloggers, influencers, and other marketers in your niche via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Communicate with them to ask for the scope else search through their platform. You can expect similar results in Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

5. Google Adwords:

Really, Google Adwords is a Goldmine for your task in searching for a profitable niche. Just analyze the ads displayed on the top and the bottom of the search engine result pages. You will really get a lot of ideas. If people are paying to advertise, then it’s a 100% strong signal that you can choose the topic for blogging.

The Top Most Profitable Blogging Niches for your New Blog in 2021?

Now, Let’s dive into the next part of the article, where I will explain to you the various blogging niches for your blog.

1. Parenting Blog:

This blogging topic has a huge volume of audiences worldwide. Being a mom is difficult as she has to manage family and work simultaneously. Many blogs publish posts focusing on various pain points of a female being a mother, a wife, and an employee. That’s why parenting blogs become the most profitable niches.

2. Finance Blog:

People across the world are running every day to earn money either by going for a job or doing business. But, they fail in the process of managing their hard-earned money. Here, financial management comes into play. People are concerned a lot in investing, purchasing, buying, etc. So, starting a finance blog will be beneficial.

3. Lifestyle Blog:

If you cannot come to a firm decision on how to choose a profitable niche for your blogging, then start a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog is all about life which usually covers different topics in our day to day life. You can easily get new blogging topics to publish on your blog. This topic is recommended for beginners.

4. Health and Wellness Blog:

Our lifestyle is getting changed, and we mostly spend more than 70% of our time sitting simply and working in an office, which leads to a lot of health issues and lifestyle diseases. People are interested to learn about making them fit and maintain good health. Hence, starting a health and wellness blog could be beneficial for you.

5. Food Blog:

Who does not love to eat new types of dishes? Can you point to a single person on the earth who does not love to eat? People enjoy cooking new delicious recipes and share with their family and friends. You can start a blog on this topic and share cooking recipes, soup recipes, healthy meal cooking, veg recipes, known veg recipes, and more.

6. Relationship Blog:

All living things have a desire to love and be loved by someone including humans. People are searching on the internet every day for tips and counseling in maintaining their existing relationship or to find a new relationship. It can be anything and thus makes this blogging topic a profitable niche to start with.

7. Travel Blog:

Travel blog has also its own space in the blogging industry. People love traveling and are more curious about exploring new destinations. If you could write a cover-up article about various tourist places and destinations across the world, you can surely end up making a lump some money in your bank account through this blog.

8. Photography Blog:

Today in this digitalized world, every piece of information was digitized and it requires some kind of media and they are images. There is a great career behind photography. Competition is less but the money-making potential is huge. You can start a blog by publishing posts from beginner-friendly to more advanced tutorials in photography and editing.

9. DIY Blog:

The abbreviation of DIY is “Do It Yourself”. You can easily transform your hobby into a system that makes money regularly. Lots of people know about making crafts and doing home improvements, like candle making, soap making, etc. There is a huge income potential in the blogging niche when using affiliate links to monetize our blog.

10. SelfImprovement Blog:

People are searching for different sources to improve themselves and their personal abilities. There are already some blogs that talk about personal development, self-skill improvements, etc. Every day People are searching on the internet to gather new tips and ideas to improve themselves. Hence this self-improvements blog has a potential reach in the market.

 Below you can find some more blogging topics and you can choose a profitable niche for your blogging.

11. Entertainment Blog
12. Tutorial Blog
13. E-commerce Business Blog
14. Money Making Blog
15. Sports Blog
16. Technical Blog
17. Education Blog
18. Coaching Blog
19. Career Blog
20. Medical Blog

The Last Thing,

This post on how to choose a profitable blog gives you a clear idea, tips, and insights in choosing the right topic.

If you want to have passive income, Blogging is a great source. But it requires constant effort and hard work at the beginning.

Once your blog starts to receive traffic, you can make this system to start pouring money into your bank.

Always find a niche that is interesting and never starts a blog for making money.

It will ruin your career.

All the Best.

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