How to Increase Your Search Traffic for your Blog? – 9 Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

How to Increase Search Traffic for your Blog?

Are you looking for Increasing traffic in your blog post? Because instantly search traffic is too essential when we search the keyword about a particular topic at google or yahoo or other search engines. All we must do is to boost the keyword about your idea and exist highly ranked in SEO.

It has two ways to increase your search traffic. There is organic traffic and paid traffic. However, the most useful way is organic traffic cause this is the original type of that you want to make search traffic on your blog.

Organic Traffic

It consists of two types. One is search traffic, and another one is referral traffic. It is natural, and you don’t give any push to them. Automatically they reach on their own.

Paid Traffic

It is one of the paid-for. In this, you want to give a push by making traffic. For example, for example, Facebook advertising.

How to Increase Search Traffic On your Blog? – A Definitive Guide to Boosting Your Blog Traffic.

Following the questions are helpful to increase your search traffic on your blog

1.How to do keyword research
2.How to Make the content useful
3.How to apply the basic SEO rules to your websites
4.How to learn & write great headlines.
5.How to find your website traffic
6.How to increase the blog traffic
7.How to make your blog readable
8.How to increase blog traffic (CDN)
9.How to do it, give the Q&A parts on Quora.

1.Keyword Research

Firstly, you have to find your keyword depending on the blog. You make specific keywords that give traffic to your blog. Keyword research has two types. One is short-tail keywords, and another one is long-tail keywords.

Short – tail keywords

Short tail keywords have a 15% to 20% conversion rate. But it has massive search traffic. And they are in fewer word counts that also do not give birth to the specific details. For example, ” Read the book”, these phrases provide a simple sentence search traffic but do have enormous search traffic.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords have a 70% to 80% of conversion rate. It has less search traffic. And they have given birth to more word counts that provide specific details about any topic. For an example of a long-tail keyword, “You should read the book properly”, this phrase gives a long sentence that’s called long-tail keywords.

About keyword research on anything is possible in search engines. To boost your blog search traffic, you should use the tools which fulfill your traffic raise. And also, use the tools Google Ads keyword planner and Google trends.

2.Make the content useful

You write about something on the post, preliminary you know about tons of things, about the particular one. But, the content is much more useful when the audience searches a keyword on search engines.

You should make the content, a brief description of your topic. The content has at least 1500 to 2000 words count per every blog post. Then only made the audience curious to read your content.

Use significant keywords, give pillar content. Pillar content is nothing, but you need to provide the most important keywords on your post.

3.Apply the Basic SEO rules

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gives the nicest ranking on your websites & increases the search bar. You must apply SEO basics for every post that will help you to increase your search traffic.

Use SEO plugins, tools to your blog post. The All in One SEO tool is the most comprehensive and helpful tool which could have used to increase the search traffic.

So, apply the primary SEO to your websites to get a higher ranking in other websites & to increase the search traffic to your blog post.

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4.Make beneficial headlines

You have to learn to write great headlines, which help you one of the ways of increasing the search traffic. Make a proper headline based on the keyword research.

A handpicked blog post must include a great headline. For example, people search the keyword related to your post on any search engine foremost, and they look at the titles. Once your title covers the audience, and they get interested in it, study your post. Otherwise, the headlines are boring simply because they ignored them.
That’s why this is too important.

Stubs to write a great headline

● It occurs in an emotional response that is joy, excitement, curiosity, extra.

● It offers good headline & content involving the target keyword search.

Headline tools

● OptinMonster headline analyser
● EMW headline analyser

5.Find your website traffic

Now you want to know your website traffic, tracing your traffic provides plenty of things about what you do & what you don’t on your post. Cause this gives what the audience does when they read your blog post.

Track your search traffic is one of the most useful things because, without this info, you couldn’t get the idea about what you do,

Google Analytics is a tool which stands motivating you to find the audience or users are doing when they read your websites. This lived-in encouraged you to increase your traffic research.

6.Increase blog traffic

The first thing is, you want to know the primary keywords related to your post. Because users search for a keyword, they look for keywords. So focus on the main keywords that are the first step to increase your traffic.

If you need to earn more traffic for your post, you should make effective content as sufficiently as that in the long-phrase topic.


1. Rank tracker
2. Google website Optimizer

7.Make your Blog Readable

In most of the blog posts, reach fails. Because these words are difficult to read for the users, at the same time, the blog post is getting bore to read.

The search engines like google or yahoo, or any other & users love only the long-term content. So you have to provide brief content about what is your topic. They need more to read and more messages of your content. The readability score is mandatory for the blog posts.

Use a grammar checker, put more screenshots & images to avoid tons of space, check the readability score, use smaller sentences and paragraphs that are easy to read. These are the tips to make your blog readable.

8.Use the Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Optimization is one of the best ways to increase search traffic for bloggers. CDN stays, which will be standing (Content Delivery Network), once you implement this network, the web page loads in seconds.

CDN reduces the website bounce rate. So it helps to improve your user’s experience. Many of them use this Content Delivery Network for our sites or blogs. It has promoted your traffic results, and it lives in additional satisfaction. It has been popular for the past couple of years. It prevents that server problem, slow loading of web pages, and slow responding websites.

9.Q&A on Quora

Questions and answers websites are the hugest community system on the internet. After posting your blog or sites, you should provide the Q&A part in your blog. Then it reaches as soon as possible to compare to other blog posts.

Quora is a great platform that boosts to increase blog traffic by executing Q&A content on your blog.

Also, use top relevant, optimum content, SEO – friendly approaches will be increasing your blog traffic by using Quora.


That’s it. Hope! Now all you get how to increase blog search traffic. Here, we discussed nine proven topics to increase blog traffic. This strategy helps to understand the blog traffic & tools.

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