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The Internet had changed the lives of every people on earth. It is not only for entertainment but also acts as a primary source of income of 60% of our lives.

After all, what’s the better way to make money from the internet as what most people ask for.

Start a blog has become a trend in the current decade. Blogging is one of the most respectable professions while in the coming years especially in 2021.


There are many reasons for people to start a blog and the one is to make money. Out of all the reasons, many people start blogging to generate passive revenue for years.

Blogging is simple for people who have passionate about crafting an article by searching for knowledge from the internet.

It has been your dream too which you can make it come true. In this article, let me explain to you the steps in creating your own blogging business in 2021.


Every business needs to be planned in a way for the proper execution and to avoid any obstacles in the journey. Similarly, blogging needs proper planning and to-do steps for the right start.

Let me explain to you:

Anyone can start blogging easily by purchasing a domain name and hosting on a web server. Performing keyword research and doing SEO to rank your blog is a time-eating process. It will take time to succeed.

Learn How to Start a Successful Money Making Blog in 2021?


Now let’s dive into the actual part of this article where I will teach you easy steps in starting your first own made blog in 2021.


You can start a blog anytime if you have the passion and interest on a specific topic. You should select a topic that is trending and has a space for publishing evergreen articles.

For your information, I will suggest a few blogging topics below to get an idea.

  • Money Making Blog
  • Finance Blog
  • Money-Saving and Investment Blog
  • Entertainment Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Technical Blog

You can find so many ideas to start a blog by taking the reference from the above list. Choose your topic wisely as you may get bored writing articles in the future.


The next step in blogging is picking up the right domain name for your blog. Once you have the topic for your first blog, the next step you have to do is keyword research to select the right domain name.

The domain name for your blog is like naming a child because you cannot change in the future. Since you are building a brand for your blog around the domain name.

Pick a domain name that is:

  • Easily rememberable
  • Easy to spell and type
  • Avoid numbers
  • Use the topic keywords
  • Prefer .com extension

You Can Check With Bluehost Domain Suggestion Features if your domain name available or not and also you can get unique name by surfing with it.

Follow the above suggestions when selecting the domain name to start a blog. Do not use a long-phrase for your blog name and avoid using alternate TLDs.


Web Hosting is the powerhouse of the blog where your blog files, contents, images, design and everything as stored and served 24×7. You should find a highly reliable web hosting service for your blog. I will tell you the few important conditions when looking for the perfect hosting environment.

A shared web hosting can do a better job for your blog in the initial stages. When your blog tends to receive more traffic, you can upgrade your hosting server with more resources.

Important hosting features:

  • Disk Space and Bandwidth as needed
  • cPanel control panel
  • SSL support
  • Email support
  • Reliable computing resources such as CPU, RAM (Eg: 100% CPU, 1GB RAM)
  • Friendly customer support
  • Live Chat Assistance
  • 99.99% Guaranteed uptime

Bluehost Cheap Web Hosting for your blog

Get your cheap web hosting with reliable hosting provider to host your wordpress blog with it.

The above factors are very important to consider while choosing the web hosting for your blog.

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Of course, we all have come across the name, WordPress which is the best Content Management System suitable for bloggers. Even a newbie can design an appealing blog by installing a WordPress theme that is available for free as well as premium versions.

I do not usually recommend using free WordPress themes rather going with premium themes has added advantages. Lightweight, SEO friendly, Customization support, professional layout are the few advantages for your reference.

WordPress is powering nearly 68% of the websites in the world. Hence I strongly recommend you to start a blog in WordPress CMS rather than others.

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Once after you have completed your hosting purchase, you will be provided with a cPanel control panel. Simply log in to the panel and find a one-click installation software softaculous. By using this, you can install your first WordPress blog in minutes.

Once after your installation, you have to do the setup in WordPress and the theme. Plugins are the driving force of the WordPress and without plugins, WordPress is just a truck with no fuel. Basic plugins like Yoast SEO, Subscribe to comments reloaded, One signal Push notifications, WP-optimize, Contact form 7 are needed for the full function of your WordPress.

You can find dozens of tutorials on the internet to refer to the initial WordPress setup and design. Please refer to them and start building your foundation pages. Every blog should have a home page, about page, contact page, privacy policy, disclaimer pages.


Now comes the actual part of blogging and that is publishing articles on a regular interval. Don’t forget, a regular interval which is very essential in your beginning days after starting your blog. Perform keyword research for the articles and prepare an editorial calendar.

Start writing an article by gathering information from the internet about the topic (or) you can share your own experience. Content is the king and people love to read new information over the internet every day.

Write articles if you have something to share that is interesting for the readers. Write your first article and do proper On-page optimization before publishing.

On-page optimization includes:

  • Meta Title Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization

which is the determining factor of your search engine ranking. We will discuss this in the later part but while it’s important before publishing your article.


Here comes your first achievement in starting a blog. The first article is the key to start your blogging career. After doing proper SEO optimization, publish your post.

Meantime, you create a profile on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to leverage potential traffic. Establish connections through social media and share your blog post so that people can reach you quickly.

There are many ways to establish your first connection when you start a blog. Find relevant bloggers in your niche and pitch them an email to introduce yourself and your blog purpose.

A good start can help you achieve a great goal in your career.


Your initial social media promotion can help your blog to drive some quick traffic. But that doesn’t enough for the long run and you should find an optimal way to drive traffic regularly.

By doing SEO including On-page and Off-page link building activities, you can slowly build your trust and gain more visitors in the long run.

You can drive traffic through search engines (organic), direct (email marketing), social and Referral (blog commenting) traffic. Leverage all available mediums to earn traffic for your blog. Since we are targetting towards Google search engines, utilize the free tools such as Google Analytics (Traffic monitoring tool) and Google Search Console (Site Performance Analyzing tool).

These tools can help you to manage your blog and improve your blog traffic.


Last but it’s our ultimate goal. We all start a blog for the only desired goal and that is to make money. But do not focus on money instead focus on the passion which drives you money. There are many ways to monetize a blog to generate revenue from the blog.

Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are one of the top methods to make money from the blog. Once your blog starts to receive a decent volume of traffic, you can monetize your blog.

Google Adsense is the program by Google that lets bloggers make money by displaying ads in their blog posts and pages. It’s a revenue-sharing agreement between bloggers and Google Inc.

Another great way to generate revenue is by integrating the Affiliate Marketing business through blogging. It’s a performance-based business model where the bloggers earn commission on every sale of another merchant product (who sell their product through your blog).


People want to earn money for their living and so people are searching for various opportunities. No matter where you are located in the world, blogging is the perfect and suitable business for you.

I have shared an ethical way to start a blog from my own experience and exploring a detailed guide for you. I hope you may like this article and share a word with your friends.

May someone needs it.


Keep Blogging.